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Claire Woodside

Interested in Business and Human Rights. The UN Working Group on Business and human Rights will be visiting Canada! There will be meetings in major cities across Canada, the following is only for those based in Ottawa. It would be great if people can attend!

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Let's try this, please:

    UN Working Group visit    

Hi All

I'm writing about the upcoming visit of the UN Working Group on business and human rights. 

The CNCA is coordinating with the WG's staff to organize civil society meetings with WG members while they're in OTTAWA. Emily Norgang (CLC), Emily Dwyer and I are leading the coordination efforts. Meetings are open to all CSOs, not just CNCA members. 

There will be 2 meetings in Ottawa. One will be about Canada's role as a home state (i.e. about the operations of Canadian companies overseas ). The second meeting will be about the operations of companies in Canada.

We've been given the afternoon / evening of Tuesday May 23, precise times for both meetings TBD. We'll try to nail down the times as quickly as possible - for now please keep as much of the afternoon and evening free as you can.

Could those of you who are interested in participating please fill out the attached survey by close of business, Friday April 28? We need answers by then so that we can sort out logistics - including venue. 

Note that there will be additional civil society meetings in Toronto and Vancouver (and possibly Edmonton / Calgary). We suggested that the WG also host a French-language session in Montreal. Unfortunately such a session has not been included in the WG agenda.

Note that one of the questions in the survey is about the issues you would like to raise with the WG. This is not an attempt to curtail your participation. It is intended to ensure that all priority concerns are given space. 

Please feel free to forward this email to non-CNCAers who you think would be interested. 

thank you


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